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Aviance Night Musk for Women

Aviance Night Musk for Women

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Aviance night musk Launched by the design house of Prince Matchabelli in 1983 Aviance Night Musk is classified as a refined flowery fragrance . This feminine scent possesses a blend of jasmine rose cinnamon warm sweet spices lavender and citrus .

Additional Information

Brand Prince Matchabelli
  1. . review by Sue on 9/9/2018
    Average customer rating

    When is this going to be available as it is one of my favorites, smells great. Canada is the only place maybe that has it but charges too much in surcharge.
    Please desperately wanting to know when available. Too many customers are wanting it.

  2. . review by Clara on 9/30/2017
    Average customer rating

    I am 54 this is the only perfume that people consistently and daily remarked on. Never failed. Best fragrance ever. Couldn't they have just spruced up the packaging and kept a winner? Now I have to start over. Totally bummed.

  3. . review by Marguerite Strobel on 2/21/2016
    Average customer rating

    I also love Aviance Night Musk and wonder why it cannot be put back into production. does anyone know something that smells similar to it?

  4. . review by Bernardine on 1/1/2016
    Average customer rating


  5. . review by sharon on 5/7/2015
    Average customer rating

    I love Aviance Night Musk for Women Why is it out of stock have they stopped making it I can't find it anywhere and it smells so good I got complimented on it daily. What is the closest perfume to it?

  6. . review by Sharon on 2/15/2015
    Average customer rating

    I have loved and been wearing this perfect fragrance for years and am heart broken it is no longer available. From what I can see there is enough demand to bring it back please.

  7. . review by Cynthia on 1/14/2015
    Average customer rating

    Love this perfume! Have worn it for years! So glad I found it online! Compliments on it all the time!

  8. . review by Brendi on 12/30/2014
    Average customer rating

    I was so glad when I found a place to purchase the Aviance Night Musk since they don't sell it in stores any longer. I have used it for years and love it. I get lots of great comments on the way I smell. Thanks much.

  9. . review by Terri on 12/28/2014
    Average customer rating

    Have had so many compliments and do not wish to find another perfume. PLEASE KEEP THIS AVAILABLE!!!

  10. . review by Stevethebeve on 12/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    This fragrance is always good. Can be used anytime. Would recommend.

  11. . review by Havasu Steve on 12/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    Good price. Cannot find in our town. Good smell

  12. . review by Barbs Hub on 12/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    Use this product daily, nice fragrance. Price is good.

  13. . review by Havasu Steve on 12/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    Used daily and complimented often.

  14. . review by Steve on 12/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    Product has been around for a long time. My wife uses it daily. Nice fragrance. Have been purchasing this product for twenty plus years.

  15. . review by Steve Havasu on 12/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    My wife uses this product everyday, I smell it, like it. We are both happy with this product.

  16. . review by None on 12/22/2014
    Average customer rating

    I use Night Musk every day because it has the
    best fragrance of any perfumes I've ever used
    it's light but extremely fragrant, and leaves
    a pleasant trail of fragrance as I move about.

  17. . review by Sunshine on 12/14/2014
    Average customer rating

    I was very pleased with this fragrance. I will order again very soon!! I get lots of compliments about the smell!!

  18. . review by mkbmarion on 12/10/2014
    Average customer rating

    I have been using Night Musk for the last 27 years. It has only been the last few years that I have not been able to find it in our retail stores. I am sooooooooooo happy that it's available through your company!!!
    P.S. My husband loves it, too.

  19. . review by Clomanator on 12/1/2014
    Average customer rating

    It is getting harder to find my Aviance Night Musk, thank goodness for the Fragrance Shop. I have used this perfume for over 20 years and it is my "signature". I get many, many compliments and wouldn't want to change it for anything. I also found an UNBELIEVABLE price for my husband's cologne "Obsession for Men". I will definitely be back and would highly recommend my family and friends. Than

  20. . review by Liz on 11/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    Product was reasonably priced and just what I wanted. I will order from this company again.

  21. . review by Sam on 11/1/2014
    Average customer rating

    My wife can't find it in stores anymore.

  22. . review by Matchabelli fan on 10/31/2014
    Average customer rating

    "Prophecy" by Prince Matchabelli was my signature fragrance for years until it was discontinued. Night Musk is a nice blend that is rich and full-bodied without being overly musky.

  23. . review by "SEXY" Old Lady on 10/27/2014
    Average customer rating

    Have used this since it came out--and am now in my 80's!!!!!! Stil get the same compliments--and many from people MUCH YOUNGER than me!!!!!!!

  24. . review by C on 10/24/2014
    Average customer rating

    I wear this daily. [...] It is a subtle fragrance. I won't wear anything else.

  25. . review by Yak on 10/24/2014
    Average customer rating

    Unigue smell, very attracting

  26. . review by Cheryl on 10/24/2014
    Average customer rating

    Good value for the money.

  27. . review by Deb on 10/24/2014
    Average customer rating

    perfume is great and at a good price

  28. . review by Doll on 10/20/2014
    Average customer rating

    I love this product and have been using for over 25 years!!!

  29. . review by Kansas on 10/14/2014
    Average customer rating

    This is the only fragrance that I have found that I can wear that still smells gret at the end of the day! I become "fearful" when I can't find it to buy. I'm Thankful to have to be able to buy! Thanks!

  30. . review by Leader of the P on 10/7/2014
    Average customer rating

    I use it ones in the Morning on my Chest, on both Wrists and a little on my Top that I'm wearing for the Day and it lasts all Day long.
    I love the Smell and receive a lot of Compliments about it.
    I actually have not worn anything else in at least the past 15 Years or more.

  31. . review by Linda G on 9/10/2014
    Average customer rating

    This has been my only fragrance for many years. I've had several compliments saying "You always smell so good". I have, over the years, tried a few other fragrances, some very costly. I always end up giving them away or putting them in the trash. I really love my Night Musk.

  32. . review by Stu on 9/1/2014
    Average customer rating

    My wife has used the product for years but we can no longer find it on the local market. Great source, great price, [...]. Thanks.

  33. . review by Gale the Horse on 8/29/2014
    Average customer rating

    I use this product daily whether I am going to work or working in the garden. I do not feel complete without it. It makes me feels clean and fresh. I get many compliments from men and women both and all ages.

  34. . review by Jerseygirlinokc on 8/18/2014
    Average customer rating

    This fragrance reminds me of my old high school days

  35. . review by RV Lover on 8/17/2014
    Average customer rating

    Very happy I found this online source to purchase my favorate fragrance I can no longer find locally. Thanks for the great selection [...] Very satisfied and will return. Thank you!

  36. . review by SherryB on 8/16/2014
    Average customer rating

    I have used Aviance Night Musk for years and cannot understand why it can't be found in stores. Thankfully, I can buy it on-line now. I really did not feel that I could find another fragrance that I would enjoy wearing as much as Aviance Night Musk. My husband totally agrees with me.

  37. . review by Shirley on 8/8/2014
    Average customer rating

    Was very happy with fragrance[...]

  38. . review by no name on 8/7/2014
    Average customer rating

    product is consistent and good quality in every bottle

  39. . review by blond Bonnie on 7/22/2014
    Average customer rating

    this stuff smells so good other women ask me what I'm wearing.

  40. . review by MOJO on 7/20/2014
    Average customer rating


  41. . review by JO-JO on 7/20/2014
    Average customer rating

    LOVE IT.

  42. . review by patty on 7/11/2014
    Average customer rating

    use on a daily basis

  43. . review by sheri the hair on 6/18/2014
    Average customer rating

    lot of compliants all the time.always asked what are you wearing, it smells great.please keep it on the market i love it and so does every one else thanks

  44. . review by Kam on 6/14/2014
    Average customer rating

    I wear it everyday. Although I can't smell it on me, I have recieved so many compliments I stopped buying all my other perfumes and use only Aviance.

  45. . review by Stevie on 6/10/2014
    Average customer rating

    This fragrance is great for work, outdoors, or special occasions. It is not overpowering and is a clean, fresh feel.

  46. . review by Louzianna2 on 5/13/2014
    Average customer rating

    I started using Aviance Night Musk when it first came out in 1983 & I am still using it today in 2010. I always get compliments on it.

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