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Paloma Picasso

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  FL471 Paloma Picasso Type Perfume Oil for Women 1/3 oz Roll-on Paloma Picasso Type Perfume Oil for Women 1/3 oz Roll-on $25.00


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  FS16275 Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso for Women Eau de Toilette Spray 1.0 oz Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso for Women Eau de Toilette Spray 1.0 oz $47.00


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  FS2282 Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso for Women Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7 oz Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso for Women Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7 oz $72.00


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  FL2371 Paloma Picasso Type Perfume Oil for Women 1 oz Roll-on Paloma Picasso Type Perfume Oil for Women 1 oz Roll-on $45.00


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  FS2283 Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso for Women Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 oz Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso for Women Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 oz $82.00


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(30 reviews)  

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30 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Bon Bon
May 25, 2014
Comments about :

I use it everyday my husband calls it my signature scent. This scent makes you feel pretty and sexy with its alluring scent. I have received more compliments with this perfume than all others combined. I have had women ask at the grocery store what I was wearing because their husband wanted to buy some for them. Women as well as men have approached me more times than I can remember. My husband alw
Jun 16, 2014
Comments about :

I've used this perfume for the last 15 years and it has always been and will always be my favorite.
Sep 3, 2014
Comments about :

no fragrance; not getting any compliments like I use to when applied. Very disappointed - seems like a very cheap version of the product I use to get on-line.
Sep 6, 2014
Comments about :

My wife's favorite for special occasions.
Sep 13, 2014
Comments about :

I love this smell, it is just so clean and very different from other perfumes you smell. Sexy!
Kelly Green
Sep 24, 2014
Comments about :

I discovered Paloma Picasso shortly after it came out back in 1988. I fell in love with it immediately. It is powerful for a powerful woman to wear. Best for evening wear, the fragrance is warm and inviting, perfect for formal gatherings.
Oct 4, 2014
Comments about :

a gift for my wife
Nov 5, 2014
Comments about :

If you like Opium, then you should try this product. The fragrance is unique.
Nov 18, 2014
Comments about :

Cajun Kahuna
Nov 18, 2014
Comments about :

Great for a night on the town or slipping into the bedroom.
One classy lady
Nov 27, 2014
Comments about :

People always ask what perfume I am wearing. I love that my perfume is different
Dec 3, 2014
Comments about :

I receive so many great compliments from men when I wear this fragrance.
Jul 17, 2014
Comments about :

Use it to please my husband,he loves it and I get so many compliments on it.
Jul 31, 2014
Comments about :

Used it for many years and continue to do so.
Aug 9, 2014
Comments about :

I bought the perfume for my mother's birthday. Although I was skeptical initially about an online vendor, I took my chances since the price was right.[...]
jacky canamero
Aug 16, 2014
Comments about :

i want another Pizasso in two more weeks, i'm so happy for your prize ... i love it thank's
Aug 28, 2014
Comments about :

I use this Perfume EVERY single day and all day. I love it and I don't pass by anyone who has not said to me..." Hey, what are you wearing?" I did the same thing when I was on vacation in the islands and a lady walked pass me and I ran and followed her and said" You smell GREAT...What are you wearing ?" I have been wearing it ever sinse.
Dec 19, 2014
Comments about :

It is a classical type of perfume
Oct 23, 2014
Comments about :

Great product for going out on the town.
Nov 13, 2014
Comments about :

Have worn it for 10 years now, I have never smelt another perfume which has the same fragrance. I feel unique when I wear it and my husband tells me I am classy when he smells it on me and we are close. It is the perfume I wear when we are together!
Nov 29, 2014
Comments about :

Since I discovered Paloma Picasso in 1984 I will wear nothing else!!!
Nov 22, 2013
Comments about :

I sat by a lady one day and she smelt so good. I had to ask her what fragrance she was wearing. I ordered as soon as I could. I feel this fragrance has an extremely strong smell when I put it on. I can't help but feel it is too heavy, but it smelt so nice on the lady that I was sitting by. Those of you that wear it, does it smell strong when you put it on? Does it tone down?
Martha Diaz.
Feb 7, 2014
Comments about :

Ever since my mother introduce me to it, I felt in love with it. Use it for special occasions.
Jul 22, 2014
Comments about :

I started using Paloma around 1993 and I have not wore any other perfume since! I refuse. I'd rather go without. I once caught my friend using my precious Paloma for her everyday fragrance and I had a fit. I love this smell.
Oct 1, 2014
Comments about :

Love Paloma. but haven't been able to obtain the bath gel? Has anyone seen it?
Haley Shea
May 11, 2015
Comments about :

I got 2 testers and am horrified. I thought they would be the same w/o the top. When buying testers others places that's what I got. Have top of old bottle & could have used on this, But both bottles (were w/o tops) and bottom was not shiny smooth black like on other Pamola bottles, its like acid or something caustic was spilled on them and one is very tack and sticky to even touch. I compared the fragerence with my existing Paloma, which is getting low and it did not smell the same. Similar, but not the same. Box says made in France, so don't know how it coule be knock-off. Maybe whatever damaged bottles caused change in smaell of fragerence. I will ask for a refuind and am afraid to order from this site again. It's too bad they have good prices and ship fast. But I wouldn't want anything like this to happen again,
Jul 14, 2015
Comments about :

The only fragrance that I have worn for as many years as I can remember. My only complaint is that the powder was discontinued. It was really the best scent ever. Please start making it again! 😌
Jan 6, 2016
Comments about :

Bought this the first time on flight duty free from Europe. Had no idea of how it smelled. Just loved idea of Paloma being Picasso's daughter. I LOVED it and have continued to use it for at least 25 years. At 86 I still use it- lovely memories.
May 21, 2016
Comments about :

My Favorite purfume ever. Have been wearing since 1990. So many compliments from both men & women. I wish they would make Paloma candles. Even my Primary care Doc compliments me at every appt.. couldn't live without it.
Mar 7, 2017
Comments about :

I have worn PAloma Picasso for 45 years. It is my signature scent. At least once a week someone remarks about it. I am so thankful Paloma is still available thanks to you. One young lady asked me the name of my perfume? I told her Paloma Picasso. She said, you smell rich"......
Thank you.
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