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  1. Escentric 01 for Women

    Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 is a unisex scent that features the magnetic Iso E Super aromamolecule combined with pink pepper lime balsam and musk notes. The addictive blend is designed to maximize the special molecules efflorescence.
  2. Escentric 02 for Men

    Escentric 02 uses an unparalleled concentration of ambroxan in combination with vetiver and muscone a particularly gorgeous natureidentical musk.
  3. Molecule 01 for Women

    Molecule 01 Perfume by Escentric Molecules. Escentric Molecules' Molecule 01 is a unique unisex fragrance that showcases a single note: the magnetic Iso E Super aroma-molecule, known for its pheromone-like qualities. Used as a base note in many legendary perfumes, the Iso E Super has a sweet sandalwood scent that hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura around the wearer.
  4. Molecule 02 for Men

    Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules fragrance is crisp warm and specially developed to mix perfectly with the natural scent of the wearer. It consists of the pure molecule Ambroxan thats derived from ambergris the most prized ingredient in perfumery for centuries valued for its refinement as well as its sensuality. This longlasting scent will linger on your skin throughout the day.
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4 Item(s)