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Joy for Women

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Joy for Women

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Joy Perfume by Jean Patou. Joy by Jean Patou Eau de Toilette Spray 2.5 oz

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Brand Jean Patou
  1. . review by Odessa PETERS on 1/5/2019
    Average customer rating

    To Kathleen, who asked about the Jean Patou scent Moment Supreme, I collect Jean Patou 1000 and notice other scents such as the one you like come uo for auction or sale on eBay, also for sale on a rare fragrance site, so google Jean Patou Moment Supreme" and check your search results uder the shopping tab every few months-or set an alert. Good luck!

  2. . review by DJC on 11/24/2017
    Average customer rating

    My mother and I stumbled across Joy sometime back in the 1970s and fell in love with it's light, floral scent. Neither of us couldn't afford it at the time (nor have we since); however, we've never forgotten how marvelous it smells and have always dreamed of purchasing some.

  3. . review by Mari Ryan on 7/27/2017
    Average customer rating

    SAVE YOUR MONEY and buy only 'JOY'. Worth it. it's magnificent! It's what perfume should be. I bought it in Paris 35 years ago and have never found one to compare. Great on any skin type

  4. . review by MMH on 7/22/2017
    Average customer rating

    This is the ONLY perfume I LOVE to wear! JOY is just that, an absolute JOY to wear as it is intoxicating with a clean yet multi-level scent of and not too strong.

    I can not tolerate most perfumes especially the cheap ones that penetrate the air and make you gag. Scented candles and room deodorizers are also too odoriferous for me.

  5. . review by Elaine on 9/17/2016
    Average customer rating

    I have worn this since I was in high school and my aunt worked at an exclusive dept, store in Atlanta. I have been able to buy a very very small bottle in the last year, and have cherished every drop. I can't afford it any longer - auto accident put me through seven surgeries in the past 2 years. But - if you are considering Joy for your fragrance, it is absolutely the best, so gentle and sexy, you really feel expensive while you are wearing it, it is just awesome.

  6. . review by Kathy Gallant on 5/19/2016
    Average customer rating

    Does anyone know if Moment Supreme is still made?

    I have a partial (very small bottle) from the 1940's of this perfume of Jean Patou which I cannot open.

    The glass stopper is stuck but I can still smell the perfume on my hand when I hold the bottle.

  7. . review by virginia breuer on 11/12/2014
    Average customer rating

    I was given a bottle of Joy Toliet Water a couple of years ago and at theat time it never "smelled" good. I never did wear it. I"m sure my daughter didn't buy it thru your company but I was just wondering why it smelled so terrible. It was a new bottle when she bought it

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