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Michel Germain

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  1. Sexual for Men

    Sexual Pour Homme by Michel Germain. A rare blend of exotic woods and oriental spice Sexual Pour Homme is a seductive masculine fragrance that attracts the opposite sex.
  2. Sexual Fresh for Men

    Fragrance Notes lavender mandarin orange grapefruit bergamot and oakmoss.
  3. Sexual Noir for Men

    Notes of Italian bergamot cardamom and grapefruit which blend with the heart of intoxicating lavender orange blossom musk honey and coriander. Velvety moss tonka and masculine sweet tobacco are in the base.
  4. Sexual Sugar Daddy for Men

    Please Note: Perfume Oils are NOT to be confused with the original designer fragrances. They are our own replications in concentrated form, free of alcohol and other chemicals
Set Descending Direction


4 Item(s)