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Red for Women

Red for Women

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Regular Price: MSRP*: $25.00

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Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills Body Wash Gel 6 .8 oz for Women

Additional Information

Brand Giorgio Beverly Hills
  1. . review by Deb on 6/22/2018
    Average customer rating

    I've been wearing Red almost 25years and love wearing it, it's my signature scent.

  2. . review by Paula Price on 10/20/2016
    Average customer rating

    Like so many, I have been wearing RED
    since the 1990's. I used to be able to buy
    the 3-piece set, now I don't know where
    to find the shower gel. Can you help?

  3. . review by Claire on 12/10/2014
    Average customer rating

    I have used this product every day since late 1989. To say I am a creature of habit is an understatement - however, I get so many compliments on it, I love to wear it.

  4. . review by Jude on 12/1/2014
    Average customer rating

    I have worn this perfume since 1990 and it is my signature, the only perfume I will wear. I love the shower gel and will search the world for both cologne and gel.

  5. . review by Mrs. G on 11/14/2014
    Average customer rating

    Red just smells great. Not overpowering but not too subtle either. I wear it alot, it makes me feel great.

  6. . review by Sparkles on 11/11/2014
    Average customer rating

    Wonderful scent at an affordable price.[...]

  7. . review by Billie on 11/3/2014
    Average customer rating

    My husband encourages me to purchase this perfume when my perfume bottle is half empty[...] the price is unbeatable.

  8. . review by stickerman on 10/9/2014
    Average customer rating

    Wife uses RED all the time. She loves the fragerence and lasting aroma.

  9. . review by none on 9/24/2014
    Average customer rating

    [...], was the fragrance I've worn for several years for a good price. I wear this fragrance daily and will certainly purchase from you again and will recomend you to my friends. Cynthia Clark

  10. . review by The Blessed One on 9/10/2014
    Average customer rating

    Nothing to add really.

  11. . review by none on 9/10/2014
    Average customer rating

    I purchased this for my wife. I love it.

  12. . review by MJ on 8/12/2014
    Average customer rating

    It's been my signature scent for years- so afraid they will discontinue it, so glad to find it here

  13. . review by Janey on 8/12/2014
    Average customer rating

    My daughter loves this fragrence, as for me it's a little over powering. She loves it and thats what matters.

  14. . review by Suzie on 8/4/2014
    Average customer rating

    I have people stop in and ask what I am wearing...
    Women and Men.

    They have always told me I smell Good, Great, Etc

    It doesn't mix with everyones body...

  15. . review by Ju Ju on 7/29/2014
    Average customer rating

    I wear this fragrance alot. My fiance loves it and my teenage son has even commented that he likes the way it smells.

  16. . review by filomena on 7/17/2014
    Average customer rating

    this is my every day product

  17. . review by Mel the dancing on 6/28/2014
    Average customer rating

    I have been using Giorgio Red for at least 12 years. I get more compliments from men and women alike on this cologne. I wear it during the day and in the evening. It really has staying power.

  18. . review by Scents-alive on 6/17/2014
    Average customer rating

    I use this when I am going out for the eve with a special someone. It makes me feel a little sexier.

  19. . review by Country Sunshin on 6/14/2014
    Average customer rating

    I use only one fragrance and as long as I continue to receive compliments, I will not change. I would love to say I will never change, but I seem to have the sad luck of always picking discontinued items. I started using RED years ago and paid top dollar for a great smelling perfume that does not have negative feed back at all.. Purchasing here on this web site has been one of my greatest pleasure

  20. . review by mztaken on 6/12/2014
    Average customer rating

    I have used Red for years,but never have I recieved a deal such as this. I would use it even at a higher price(and have) but now that I have found your site I will continue to order from you. Not only Red(which is what I use all the time) but for fragrances for family and friends. Why wouldn't I?
    Thank you for a great selection of fragrances and amazing prices.
    I will DEFINATELY!! order again and

  21. . review by Lyndsey on 6/2/2014
    Average customer rating

    The product 'Red" is a popular fragrance and is loved by both my mother and i.[...]

  22. . review by YASSY on 5/29/2014
    Average customer rating


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